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BookmyGenerator.com, India’s first upcoming unique online store for Buying (New & Used), Selling (Used Gensets) and Swapping (Used Gensets) and Gensets Accessories and Generator Hiring & AMC & Especially Save upto10% on Existing Generator Rental through our upcoming portal for all industries in Pan India Level. 


We have large range of Generator Rentals to suit any requirement (10 to 1500 KVA). The Generators on rent are available for a variety of applications, depending on the customer requirements such as for construction, functions, factory etc.


BookMyGenerator is a leading company engaged in offering Hire & Power Rental Service such as Generator on rent, Generator on hire, Generator on hire in Delhi, Generator on rent in Noida, Generator on hire in Noida, Generator on rent in Gurgaon, Generator on rent in Gurugram and Generator on hire in Faridabad. These services are offered by us in compliance with the international standards keeping in mind accurate requirements of clients. The offered services are known for timely execution and promptness. We offer these services at highly competitive price to the clients.

Generators are ready to move on Trucks on daily/monthly rental basis.
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We have a team of expert and qualified professionals, which assists us in developing cordial relationships with the clients by providing them qualitative products as per their demands within the set time frame.We are known for providing cost-effective, reliable rental power through our wide range of generator rentals in India.

Generator Brands we are dealing with:

  1. Kirlosker 
  2. Cummins 
  3. Ashok Leyleland 
  4. Caterpillar
  5. Crompton 
  6. Stemford
  7. Many More


  Guidelines for using a generator on rent

Electricity plays a very vital role in our everyday life but very easily we take it for granted. Sometimes, we may not realize the importance of electricity until it is readily available and there is a power outage. In that situation you will need a temporary supply of power, there comes the need to have a generator on rent. Whether you need it in a party, tailgate, film and entertainment, construction sites or at home, you can hire a portable generator which comes handy. The choice of generator largely depends on the amount of power you need. You can take a generator on rent in Delhi NCR as there are lot of power outrage in this area.


In order to determine the size of generator you have to simply add up wattage of the appliances that you need to power. You must take such a generator on rent which can produce more power than the actual requirement so that it can accommodate the energy surges whenever required. Besides that, size and fuel type are some other considerations of the generator that you must keep in mind while opting for a dg set on rent in Delhi. If you need the generator for construction jobs or film and theater sets then you must choose a large generator as they can easily power heavy duty equipment whereas if it is about tailgating parties or camping, then you must opt for a small generator on rent in Delhi as it doesn’t need lot of space or regular fill-ups. Some of the common options of generator are as:

  • If you need a solid source of electricity in a compact and portable package, then you must choose 1000-watt portable generator. You can even get this generator on rent in Gurgaon. It is perfect for tailgating parties, camping and trips.
  • Suppose you need a quiet though fuel efficient portable power for a party or a weekend trip then 6500-watt portable generator would be the best option. You must have this generator on hire as it can provide 14 hours of electricity in just 4.5 gallons of gas as well as it provides a stable source of power to computers and other electronic gadgets.
  • Whether you need a silent generator for large parties, film and entertainment events or job sites, a 30 KW towable trailer is the perfect choice in that case. You can easily get a silent generator on rent in Delhi and if one tank of diesel fuel is filled then it will provide eight hours of quiet operation.

Irrespective of your electricity need you can choose the generator. They are available in varied sizes with numerous fuel options. You can rent a one and enjoy the electricity even in case of power outage.


Safety measures for using a generator

You have a silent generator on hire and all your responsibilities are over as now you can enjoy electricity even at outage. No, it is not like that there are certain safety measures that you need to follow for using a generator.


  1. You must avoid using a generator on rent in an indoor or enclosed area as the engines produce carbon monoxide so, such an engine-powered generator must be used at outdoor.
  2. Suppose you took a generator on rent in Noida region but it is raining heavily then you must take steps to cover it by putting up a canopy or trap. You must always avoid using the generator in wet conditions such a rain and snow. Besides that, you should never touch the generator with wet hands.
  3. If you reside in Gurgaon and you have taken a generator on rent in Gurgaon, then you must make sure that the extension cords used in it are grounded and is according to the for voltage of generator.
  4. While refueling a generator on rent you must allow the engine to cool for at least two minutes. You must always use fresh gasoline and the spare fuel should not be kept near the generator as it must not be operated near combustible or flammable materials.
  5. Faridabad is a very compact place so if you have a generator on rent in Faridabad and have placed it outdoor but there are windows near it then that can pose a health hazard as the carbon monoxide released will enter your home through the windows.
  6.  After taking a generator on rent in Ghaziabad you have to ensure that it has carbon monoxide detectors in working order and if you plan to connect it with your house’s wiring then you must always have an electrician who would install the power transfer switch.

By following these few safety tips, you can easily avoid fire, electricity shocks and carbon monoxide poisoning while using a generator. There are many factors that causes outage that could be both natural and manmade but whatever the factor may be, ultimately you have no power. Having a silent generator on rent in New Delhi can easily solve the problem of power and you can again enjoy electricity.



Renting generators is not a fun. There is nothing trendy about generators but there is nothing worse than losing power in a party. If you don’t have consistent power, then that can spoil the event. The best way to have consistent power is by taking generator on rent. But before you choose the generator you have to consider few important points which includes lighting, bands, restroom trailers. You may get tempted by cheap generators, but it may be abhorrently loud and there is nothing worse than having your dinner while a machine is humming in the background. While renting a generator you have to check whether it will provide more than enough power for your event. In most cases, the diesel generators are considered as the best option for supplying power in case of power loss. It can have a backup or emergency power system for your event and you can enjoy the event without any power hindrance.