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History Of The Diesel Generators.

The diesel generator owes its roots to mainly two inventors, Michael Faraday the creator of first generator & Rudolph Diesel the creator of the diesel engine. Diesel generators of today are the better & improved versions of what was create


Rudolf Diesel was a German mechanical engineer & renowned inventor who revolutionized the engines of his day. In 1893 Rudolf Diesel created the internal combustion engine that worked by heated fuels. He concluded that the use of a petroleum fuel that later on came to be known as Diesel leads to higher fuel efficiency. This was the invention of the first ever Diesel engines which were worked upon and improved a lot in the years to come leading to their current forms.


Michael Faraday was an English scientist who contributed immensely to the field of electromagnetism & electrochemistry. Faraday did not invent Diesel Generator or the diesel engine, however it was his invention of electromagnetic rotary devices formed the basis of electric motor technology which would later be the beginning of the generator. He built the first electromagnetic generator called the “Faraday Disc”, proving that rotary mechanical power can be converted into electric power.


The history of generators is incomplete without referring to Dynamos. The Dynamo was the first electrical generator that was used to deliver power for industries, and is still widely used. It used the electromagnetic principle discovered by Faraday to convert mechanical rotation into direct electric current. The first dynamo was built in 1832 based on Faraday’s principle.


The combination of diesel engine with the generators finally led to the product called diesel generators of today. The initial designs of diesel generators were very heavy and noisy. It took decades and centuries of refinement in generator design & working to reach to the contemporary version of silent diesel generators. Ever since it was invented, the diesel generator has been the preferred choice for industries and commercial setups worldwide. In the initial versions of diesel generators one major drawback was that it was noisy, however with time came silent diesel generators that are not only used for commercial purposes but also used in housing societies for backup. Now available at varied output scales diesel gensets are presently turning to be the most cost effective and reasonably priced option for power and backup.


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